Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We Are Done With the Adoption!

We are officially done (assuming we make it through Customs in Miami)!

Nothing left (well, save for one $115 bill that our orphanage director owes us).

This is the end of the Adoption Journey paperwork process!

This is also the end of our Missionary Journey Part I (only the Lord knows if there will be a Part II).

Thank you for all that you have done in supporting us verbally in comments, financially in donations, and prayerfully in your prayers! We pray that God bless each and every one of you for what you have done for us in these journeys.


dorrfamily said...

We are so excited and happy for everyone. Let us know when you are coming home. We can't wait to officially meet Lou and just see all of you.
It will be interesting to see where the next part of the journey goes. Blessings, love and hugs to everyone.

carol said...

OH Happy days. Thank Goodness you will be returning to the States as a family of 5. Cant wait to see new pictures of Lou with his extended family. He is one lucky little boy to have found such a loving family. Safe travels home. Hope you keep up the blog once back in the U.S.
carol n(the lady that sponsered Lou through RR)

Debbie said...


I pray for a safe trip back.

Peace to you.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Just Awesome. Hope you get a flight home soon.

I know your family is excited about having you home. Not to mention, how excited you are to go home.


June Berger said...

PRAISE GOD!!!!! Anxious to hear when you will be coming home. Oh wow, I'm soooo happy for you all!

Monica said...

Wow that is wonderful to hear that your adoption process is over!
I don't know if you will remember me..Monica and Erick that came to Haiti with Samaritna's Purse last year for the tropical storms. We loved meeting you guys and sharing with you all when we were at the mission. We have checked in on your blog ever now and again. We wish you all the best with your move to the US and settling in as a family there. Blessings, to you all

Rachel said...

letting out a collective sigh of relief along with everyone else who reads this. this is so great. God is good.

Lena Wright said...

awesome! celebrate! God is great.

Ken Schlorf said...

Thank you all for your comments and in sharing our Joy! God is indeed good! We'll be heading back to the States in a week and will be starting to pack today!


We do remember you and have been waiting/hoping for you guys to come back here to the mission so we could see you guys again. I'll never forget Erick and the trip we took to Bassin Bleu - wow, what a ride and adventure! Thank you for your well wishes and prayers!

AndrewH said...

Wonderful news! God's protection as you travel home!

Monica said...

I know we were also hoping to get back to Haiti this year, but things did not turn out that way, shame!
Please do send me your email address, as we are in the States every now and again and if we are near you guys ever we would love to connect again.
Please give my greetings to Tina and the kids.

schoolmother said...

PRAISE THE LORD FOR THIS LONG AWAITED NEWS!!!!! May God bless you for your perseverance. And I am loving the picture of your children. I cannot believe how big Louinard is. Hallelujah!
PS We at Reeces Rainbow are so happy for you

Anonymous said...

God is good! Congratulations on being a family of 5 now. I dont think you remember me, but I am a friend of your sister and checked the web now and then for updates. Congratulations!


Cindi Campbell said...

Praise God. Now your new journey begins. Blessings for your future. We're going to miss the strange insects and "boring" truck repair news.

Ken Schlorf said...


I think I remember you - though my sister has had a couple friends that I have met with your same name - I might be picturing the right "Jen" :-). Thank you for your comments/congratulations!

Cindi -

I don't think that I'll be able to pull off too many more strange insects, but I might be able to find boring repair news... Thank you for your blessings!