Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Email and Non-Adoption-related

We may be setting ourselves up for disappointment, but we are expecting an email today with the date of the appointment to get the visa. We are basing this timing off of the other blogs that we follow. If we are in alignment with them, we'll know about the appointment today and have the appointment Friday, but this is Haiti after all. We are looking forward to planning our entrance into the States!


The kids are doing well. Lou is doing great with going potty in the toilet. The only problem is when he gets up in the morning. He likes to lay there and wait for us to guess when he is up. During that time, he pees in his diaper. If we wake him up he is dry (most of the time) and once in a while he will be dry on his own. He is fully capable of waiting or calling us - he just doesn't want to.

Kayla and Carter are doing well. They have had the opportunity to manage themselves a lot lately as we have gone down with Lou to take care of the adoption things. They have mostly successes, but will sometimes do your basic kid stuff and mess things up. They are really great kids and help out quite a bit.

Boring car stuff

For the last two weeks, I have been working on rebuilding the transmission in the old Toyota that I rebuilt last year. At that time we had replaced a few parts -mostly related to the 2-3 synchronizer and this time, the 3-4 synchronizer went bad. It caused the tranny to eat a few of it's own pieces. I am at the point now where today we'll be putting it in (I hope to get a few good Haitian guys to help).

We are fixing up a few of our 12+ cars to sell them. This old Toyota is one of them (tranny, front differential, locking hubs, tail lights, etc...). Pastor Rob also is looking to get rid of the Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Montero, Mitsubishi Montero IO and the two US-based Nissan Pathfinders.


Anonymous said...

Here's to a good day with word from VISA land.

You know Sawyer will sleep thru the night and keep dry. (99% of the time) His sister, same age, never wakes up dry. Sawyer will go all day dry IF I remember to take him. For 2 years, he's been more or less trip trained. STILL he will not tell me he needs to go. So I just say, He has me trained. Not sure when/if that will change.

Can't wait to hear the good news!


Gwen said...

Praying that you get your visa appt this week yet!! : )
Sounds like Lou is an amazing little boy!!! You should be thankful he waits for you while he is in bed and calls for you to come get him1!! That is VERY good!!! You and Tina are doing a fabulous job with him!!!
I will look forward to keeping in touch when you guys return to the states and hearing about Lou's progress!! I'll have to check my e-mail address book, to make sure I have Tina's e-mail.
PRAYING for you guys!!!