Saturday, October 17, 2009

Reminders, Boots

These reminders seem to come up at just the right time.


Once again, Gerben was here at the mission helping out. He brought a friend of his as well. They did a bunch of things (mostly computer and network related) while they were here. It was for 5 weeks that they stayed and to me it felt like 2 weeks at the most. Gerben is a great guy to have around - a great blessing and change in pace. He would always ask us how things went with the adoption processes we were going through and seemed genuinely interested in what was going on.

He generously left his boots with me again (along with a beautiful "Holland" ceramic item and some good snack-like treats from across the pond). They are steel toed working boots and are exactly what I need. My old pair were also steel toed - I was starting to be able to see the steel from the outside and was losing support in them. Thank you Gerben for the blessing!


Cindi Campbell said...

I so feel for your trials right now and yet who knows WHY you are still there in Haiti. You may never find out the result of your time there this side of heaven but when you see HIM face to face it will all make up for it and you will be rewarded. I myself keep forgetting that if I will have rewards for going thru hard times I actually have to go thru it. LOL. The crown for longsuffering comes after we suffer long. Shucks! Praying that you will have some better news and can come home to the good ole USA soon.

schoolmother said...

Sorry I haven't checked in on you guys in ages. I am sorry to read that the adoption is not yet complete and that the process is so up-in-the-air. Have you considered posting on Reece's Rainbow, reminding all of us to pray for you guys? Or would you mind if I posted there about your situation?
May God continue to give you grace.

Ken Schlorf said...


Thank you for your encouraging words and for your prayers! This is certainly the longest we have suffered and have had to persevere. I haven't even posted to the blog all that we have been going through. God is providing many graces beyond what I have been posting.


Thank you for checking in on us again and for your kind words, too! Our internet here at the mission is too locked down - we cannot get to the Reece's Rainbow group. If you wouldn't mind posting to the group, we would certainly appreciate the additional petitions to our Lord and Savior! Thank you so much for inquiring about this!