Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Perspective

We went to church this morning where we have been going the last 3-4 Sundays and there is an American lady there (most/all are Americans) who has a well-recognized orphanage. She has been there a long time. We talked to her about our situation and she thought based on what we told her that we may have a week or two left for the visa paperwork to be all sorted out. She has seen a lot the paperwork process and has been through a lot.

That is exactly what we were looking for when we called our orphanage director. We have an estimated time frame for how long it should take. So, now, we'll look forward to the week after this week for an answer. If we hear something before that time...GREAT! But now we have something to go by.

This information will help me BIG TIME in getting through this week!!


Shea said...

Sometimes I am amazed that you have been able to stay strong throughout all of this. Then I remember you are not alone. God has amazing plans. I hope I don't come off as sounding sappy and all, but your faith is inspiring. Sometimes when things are so tremendously burdening, I read your blog, and know that there are people out there not afraid to trust that God will come through. I'm not saying it isn't hard or frustrating, or even that you aren't screaming to come home(I know I would be). However, seeing you stay makes me feel stronger. It gives me hope that somehow I might be able to rise to the standards that God wants of me. Sometimes, maybe just for a second, I think you need to be in Haiti(please forgive me if this comes out wrong). Sometimes I think we might need you there. Maybe we need to be reminded of God's faith, love, and care. In the quiet of the night when it all gets to be too much, we know you are there and we think maybe what we have is not so bad and we can keep trudging along. Does that make any sense to you? Many years ago before I was baptized I remember a boy who ran bible club saying not to ask the lord to use you unless you wanted him to. I never understood it until much later. Maybe you went to Haiti on your own accord, maybe it was God's will. Who knows for sure? What I am certain of is that you are allowing God into your life, and you are taking us all along for the ride. Never be mistaken, you are still in Haiti for a reason. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It's good to know the ball park you are playing in, eh? Hope you hear something sooner.


Ken Schlorf said...


I am amazed too, frankly, that we have stayed strong this long. There are days when we do well (when we focus on the Lord and His purpose for us being here) and there are days when we do not do well (when we think about the struggles we have had and are having and think that we have "served our time" and "deserve" to be done).

God is the ONLY reason we have been able to survive.

Our pastor in MN is one reason we are here (from adoptions to missions). He has challenged his people to pray the prayer of asking God to use them for difficult things - and we did that because we felt strong in the Lord (we often feel that we used to be stronger than we are now - this process and other circumstances has sucked some of that life/energy out of us). And here we are after praying that prayer (so be careful, haha).

God is so much bigger and better than we realize. I could tell you stories of things that we have persevered through related tothe mission that would make you praise God all the more. It is by His strength ONLY that we have managed to stay (somewhat) sane this long. We have had SIGNIFICANT struggles unrelated to the adoption and He has helped us to persevere through it all.

As far as us needing to be in Haiti, if it is the Lord's will to be here in Haiti, then that is where we hope to end up (i.e., in His will). Right now, I do not think that is what He wants of us in this season of our lives. And if He does want us here, we believe that we will have to make significant changes (with His help) like a change in location and raising additional funds (we are, by the grace of God, spending what we are receiving in donations from about 6 people/families - i.e., breaking even).

I could write a whole other post about the graces that God has provided to a matter of fact, I think I will work on it right look for that soon.

Thank you for your encouraging words, Shea!


It is good, and very helpful to me mentally, to know an ESTIMATED time line. We hope to hear sooner as well!

Gwen said...

Hi Ken,
I would love to know if that is Dixie you are talking about, from GLA?? This is who we are adopting through!! I know they do a home church with a couple right down the road from you! : )

Keeping you guys in my prayers!! God is Faithful, all the time!

Ken Schlorf said...

Hi Gwen,

Yes it is! We have have been going to that home church for about a month now. Some friends of ours here come and pick us up every Sunday and take us with them to that house where there are maybe 15 folks in attendance - including Dixie.