Thursday, November 19, 2009

General Update

Some highlights of our trip back and so far of our life back in the States:

  • Lou liked the plane rides and got to sit with the co-pilot (his hat says "Future Pilot").

  • Immigration for Lou was a little bit of a pain, but we got through without any major issues. A customs lady behind the desk was giving me as much attitude as she could - welcoming me back to the States.

  • My parents have warmly welcomed us into their home. They moved things around so that we could settle in better and it seems to be working well.

  • We went to the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells and had a very good time. Lou liked going down the big water slides and he would move his hands in a pinching motion the whole way down. I'd hold his hands so he wouldn't scratch himself. When we got to the end, he wanted to do it again. (He pooped his pants once in the waterpark...look out! Fortunately it was contained and not left floating.)

  • Tina and I went to Duluth for a much needed break. We stayed at Superior Shores (in Two Harbors) and had lots of time to think, analyze, and plan. We are looking at houses and I am looking at jobs, so we got a lot done to help us in these directions.

We have nothing planned but the usual Thanksgiving and Christmas things that we were not home for last year - we're looking for to seeing all of our family again!

Kayla misses her friends at the mission and has been emailing them back and forth. She found a friend at church that she missed and they exchanged information. It was fun to watch the reaction because her friend seemed to think that she would be gone forever!


Anonymous said...

Glad you have time to re-acclimate to the US. Hope all continues to go well and you get settled into a new routine soon.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we cannot wait to see you all!

Gwen said...

So good to hear that things are going well!!
Just had to share - Dean is at GLA this weekend, bringing our daughter home on Monday night!! : )
Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Many Blessings,

Ken Schlorf said...


We are so very excited for you. CONGRATULATIONS! What a wait we all have! We will be praying for strength and much grace for your entire family through this exciting and trying time.

Much Love,

Rachel said...

how cool was that for lou to sit in pilots seat! the dell picture looks beautiful.